Hints & Tips

Are you looking for freebies? Take a look at our database of the top freebies in the United States. We have the largest database in the US and offer more than 200 offers. Every day, we add an additional five to six freebies!

Thousands of companies across the USA offer free samples via the internet. This marketing strategy is designed to increase interest and exposure to a company’s products. It has been shown that approximately 60% of customers who try a sample will purchase the product in the future.

When you are signing up for freebies, there are some tips that you should follow. This tips will help ensure that you receive the sample that you have requested. Continue reading for more information.

  1. Unless you want to be contacted by the company or the company requires you to verify your phone number in order to receive a free product, do not use your real phone number.
  2. Create an email address to sign up for freebies. Using an additional email from either Gmail or Hotmail will help prevent your email from getting filled with spam.
  3. If there is a product that you would like to sample, try emailing or calling the company. Oftentimes, companies offer free samples and coupons.
  4. Use an autofill feature by getting Firefox and using the Google Toolbar. This will allow you to submit sample requests without a lot of typing. There is also an autofill option called RoboForm that fills everything in and submits it for you.
  5. Make sure that you follow Free Stuff Frenzy on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook to ensure you don’t miss any freebie offers.

Practice patience. Companies that offer freebies get thousands of sample requests, which can mean your sample may take a few weeks to arrive.

Companies offer freebies on a variety of things, including makeup samples, baby stuff, and household products. We have so many freebie offers that you are sure to find something you want. Also, make sure to check out our website daily as we are continually adding new offers.

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