Terms & Conditions

The website known as www.freestufffrenzy.com or the “Site” is an information service that is provided online by freestufffrenzy.com, which is subjected to you complying with the Terms and Conditions included below.

Please ensure that you read over this document with care before you use or access the Site. When using or accessing the Site, you have agreed that you are bound by our Terms and Conditions which are set out below. If you prefer not to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you are not permitted to use or access the Site.

www.freestufffrenzy.com is allowed to make changes to this agreement at any stage, and any changes shall come into effect immediately as soon as the changed agreement is posted on the Site. You also agree that you will review this agreement from time to time so you are aware of any modifications and this means your continued use or access of the Site is regarded as your conclusive acceptance in accordance to the modifications made to the agreement.


1. Licenses, Idea Submissions, And Copyright

The comprehensive contents featured on the Site are all protected by trademark laws and international copyright. The sole owners of the trademarks and copyrights are www.freestufffrenzy.com, any of its affiliates, along with third-party licensors. You are not permitted to copy, modify, republish, reproduce, post, upload, distribute, or transmit, in any way materials that are published on the Site, which includes code, graphics, text or/and software.

You are permitted to download or print parts of the materials over different sections of the Site for your own non-commercial use as long as you do not delete or change any of the proprietary or copyright notices from these materials. You are also in agreement that you grant to www.freestufffrenzy.com a royalty-free, worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual license, that comes with a right to reproduce, sub-license, transmit, distribute, create any derivative works from, publicly perform and publicly display any information and materials (which includes without limitations, any ideas for improved or new services and products), that you submit to any of the public areas across the Site (like newsgroups, forums, and bulletin boards) or via email sent to www.freestufffrenzy.com by any means and by any of the media hereafter developed or now known.

You are also granting www.freestufffrenzy.com rights to make use of your name when it comes to submitted materials along with other information connected with all marketing, advertising, along with promotional materials that are related thereto. You are also in agreement that you have no form of recourse against freestufffrenzy.com when it comes to any actual or alleged misappropriation or infringement of proprietary rights when you communicate in any way with www.freestufffrenzy.com.


2. Trademarks

Services, products, content, or publications on the Site or referenced here are the exclusive service marks and trademarks of www.freestufffrenzy.com. Any other company and product names which are mentioned on this Site might be trademarks of each respective owner.


3. Use Of This Site

You have an understanding that excepting for products, services, or information that is identified clearly as supplied by www.freestufffrenzy.com, the Site does in no way endorse, control, or operate any services, products, or information featured on the Internet. Excepting for the www.freestufffrenzy.com-identified services, products, or information, all the services, products, and information on offer on this Site or across the Internet is in most cases on offer through third-parties, which are not affiliated with www.freestufffrenzy.com.

You are also in agreement that www.freestufffrenzy.com does not and cannot warrant or guarantee that the files made available to download on this Site are free from viruses, infections, Trojan horses, worms, or any other codes which manifest destructive or contaminating properties. It is your sole responsibility to implement adequate checkpoints and procedures in order to meet up with your specific requirements when it comes to the accuracy of any data output and input, along with maintaining any means that are external to this Site to retrieve any data that is lost.

You assume 100% risk and responsibility when you use this Site and the Internet. freestufffrenzy.com offers this Site and any linked information “as is” and makes no implied or express warranties, endorsements or representations whatsoever ( this includes without Limitation Warranties Of Title or Non-infringement or any implied warranties when it comes to fitness or merchantability for any purposes) when it comes to services, any information of merchandise or a service offered through the service on/or the internet in general. In addition, www.freestufffrenzy.com will not be held liable when it comes to any damages or loss that arises either indirectly or directly from any of these transactions.

It is your sole responsibility to check on the completeness, usefulness, and accuracy of any opinion, service, advice, merchandise and any other type of information on offer from a service or in general over the internet. www.freestufffrenzy.com does in no way warrant that services are provided error-free or uninterrupted or that a defect from any services are guaranteed to be corrected. You also further understand that the nature associated with the internet might contain unedited materials which may be sexually explicit or even offensive. Access to these materials is always at your own risk. www.freestufffrenzy.com does not have any control over nor accepts any responsibility when it comes to such materials.


4. Limitation Of Liability

In none of these events will www.freestufffrenzy.com be held liable for (1) any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages (which includes but is not only limited to business interruption, damages associated with a loss in profit, loss of information or programs, and so forth) arising from an inability or the use of any services, or any transactions provided on services, or downloaded from a service, or any delays associated with such service or information. Even when www.freestufffrenzy.com or any authorized representatives are alerted to the possibility of these damages, or (2) any claims that are linked to omissions, errors, or any other type of inaccuracy in service or/and information or materials downloaded from this service.

Due to the fact that certain states don’t permit limitation or exclusion of liabilities for incidental or consequential damages, the above-mentioned limitations may not be applicable to you. In these states, www.freestufffrenzy.com liability is still limited by the greatest extent that is permitted by law.

www.freestufffrenzy.com also does not make any representations about other websites that you may be able to access through this Site or that may link to this Site. When accessing any non-www.freestufffrenzy.com site, it is important to know they are independent of www.freestufffrenzy.com and that www.freestufffrenzy.com is not in control over any content featured on that site. Additionally, any links to a www.freestufffrenzy.com website do in no way mean that www.freestufffrenzy.com accepts or endorses any responsibility for any content or using such site.


5. Indemnification

You are in agreement that you hold harmless, defend, and indemnify www.freestufffrenzy.com, its employees, officers, directors, licensors, suppliers, agents any of the third-party providers to the Service against and from all losses, damages, costs, expenses, which includes attorney’s fees, that result from a violation of this Agreement (this includes wrongful or negligent conduct) by yourself or any other individual that accesses the Service.


6. Third Party Rights

The provisions set out in Paragraph 2 (Use of the Service) and Paragraph 3 (Indemnification) are set out for benefits of www.freestufffrenzy.com, along with its agents, officers, suppliers, directors, licensors, suppliers, employees and any of the third-party information providers to this Service. Each entity or individual has the rights to enforce and assert these provisions against you directly on its or their own behalf.


7. Term And Termination

This Agreement can be terminated by any of these parties without any notice and for any particular reason. Provisions set out in Paragraph 1 (Licenses, Idea Submissions, and Copyright), 2 (Use Of The Service), 3 (Indemnification), 4 (Third Party Rights) and 6 (Miscellaneous) will survive and surpass any termination associated with this Agreement.


8. Miscellaneous

This Agreement is constructed and governed according to the laws of The United States of America that are applicable to agreements performed and made in The United States Of America. You are in agreement that any legal proceedings or action between you and www.freestufffrenzy.com for any purposes that relate to this Agreement or the relevant parties’ the obligations set under will be exclusively brought in a state or federal court of a jurisdiction sitting that is competent in the United States of America.

Any claim or cause of action that you might have in respects to this Service must be commenced in one (1) year after the cause-of-action or claim arises or when such cause-of-action or claim is barred. The failure to enforce a strict performance or to demand upon any of the provisions set out in this Agreement by www.freestufffrenzy.com is in no way construed as any type of provision, right or waiver. Neither the trade practice or course-of-conduct between each party shall in any way act to change any of the provisions set out in this Agreement. www.freestufffrenzy.com reserves the rights to assign its duties and rights under this Agreement to any party of their choosing without notice and at any time.