What is Product Testing?

When brands want honest opinions about their products they hire members of product testing companies to test their products before they hit the shelves in the stores.

They invite a select few members to be part of this program or campaign.
The selection usually depends on the criteria of the members and which field of products they usually excel in.

When a member gets selected to be part of the campaign they will receive free products by the brands to test and review.
This way you not only get to enjoy free stuff but also get to make a difference in the market.

There are quite a few product testing companies out there which you can choose to join. Some notable mentions are:

  • BzzAgent:
    BzzAgent is of the best and simplest product testing companies out there. It’s fun and innovative website is uncluttered and awards it’s members based on their participation. They give their members different ranks which increased based on how many campaigns you have participated in.
  • TRND:
    A notable mention even though quite a new site. TRND focuses mostly on chocolate, gadgets, perfumes etc.
    You are awarded with certain points based on your reviews and are also thanked for your services by the “trndsters” at the HQ.
  • The Insiders:
    This product testing company consists of a network that works all across the world. One of the most exciting qualities of the company is that it offers you points based on how well you do and these points can’t hem be redeemed for cash.
    So you get free stuff and get cash for using the free stuff.Some other mentions include famous free product testing companies like Lush, Schwarzkopf etc.

How to Excel?:
The following tips can help you improve your chances of getting selected as a tester.

  • Answer as many surveys as you can.
  • Once you get selected interact as much as possible.
  • Have a good social presence.
  • Don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t interest you.
  • Be professional. Make sure to take care of Grammar and Spelling. Take neat and clean photos.
Posted on: September 14, 2021